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This is a 9W Blue laser,diode-based laser system.

PR series products deploy unique laser technologies developed by Optlaser that allow us to reduce the costs of building and producing laser projectors while still providing dependable, reliable, and quality products.

For the PR4 series, we offer systems with power output ranging from 2.5 Watts up to 9 watts, with customizable options and accessories to help meet your needs and budget. So no matter the show, project, or event, you can be sure we will have suitable laser display systems for your specific and individual needs.

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Source | Type:Semiconductor diode | Full-colour RGB laser projector
Suitability:indoor laser displays [atmospheric, abstract, text, animations]
Beam Size@Aperture[mm]2.5*6mm
Divergence(full angle)1.1mrad
System controlAuto, Sound to light, SD-Card, DMX512 , ILDA
Scanning SystemOPT-40B 40Kpps@8° ±30°MAX
Wavelength [nm]B/445
Laser Power [mW]9000mW
Guaranteed opt. output [mW]9W
Modulation [kHz]>60 KHz | analogue
Power Supply100~240V 50~60Hz
Power Consumption [W]<100W
Weight [kg]3.42Kg
Cooling:Heatsink+Casting Aluminum Housing+Fans (at bottom)
Packaging:Carton+foam;  (Pelicase - available on request)
Size [WxHxD, mm]156*224*125mm
Operation temperature [°C]:minus 20℃ to 40℃

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