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Over the years, we extensively expanded our range of laser modules, and now we cover a broad spectrum of laser wavelengths. From ultraviolet lasers, via the visible spectrum, up to near-infrared lasers.

Currently, we offer Thousands of different laser modules, with power output ranging from 5mW up to 180 Watts, in the range from 405nm to 660nm.

Our mission is to ensure that a uniform and quality beam comes out of every Optlaser laser module. Single-diode lasers, multi-diode assemblies as well as solid-state lasers can be combined into a single free space beam or fiber-coupled output.

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Wavelength (nm)R638±5G520±5B445±5
Optical Power(mW)8.5W11.25W13.5W
Working modeCW
Beam diameter (1/e², mm)6.5*7mm
Beam divergence(full angle, mrad)1.1mrad
Head dimensions(L*W*H,mm)223.45(L) ×169.62(W) ×54(H) 
Driver dimensions(L*W*H,mm)140(L) ×97.5(W) ×44.5(H)


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