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F2000-M is an item with a laser distribution of red 638nm/300mW, green 520nm/350mW, and blue 450nm/1500mW. With this well-balanced color matching and the built-in step motor & the attached firefly grating, this unit will bring a colorful firefly-moving projection.

Elegant new Design, Classic firefly 2W RGB colors full-featured Laser Christmas projector with moving firefly effects, Decoration for events or landscape, increased brightness, and huge coverage.

Waterproof IP 65 all Deluxe Metal housing case with Polymer peripherals; With moving, firefly effects (no particular patterns), thousands of Green, Red, and Blue Light PinPoints

Classic Firefly RGB laser lights projector outdoor or indoor, your Instant Lights show!

Product Parameters

Video Presentation

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Light Source

R638-300mW; G520-350mW; B450-1500mW;

EffectRGB Firefly Star
Emitting Color

Red, Green, Blue

Coverage>1482 (> 1600 sq. ft)
Power SupplyAC100-240V50/60Hz,20W consumption


shipping WeightPending

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